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I was looking for a lightweight NoSQL database to store application configurations and some data for reports. NoSQL is really a bad description and really we should call them key store databases since this is what they store: key and value pairs. In my google search I found MongoDB. I ran through the short online […]


VoiceXML – Another tool in the toolbox

What HTML is to visual web pages VoiceXML is to the voice activated web. These are¬†primarily¬†used for driving IVR scripts, you know those annoying things you call when you need support. In our case we are developing some brand new products that rely heavily on custom interactions with and OVR script and VoiceXML gives us […]


iptables to the rescue

The power of the Linux OS never ceases to amaze me. Recently at work I was working on an upgrade of a customer. We managed to forget to capture one of the required steps to complete the upgrade effectively which was to ask the customer to add a new IP address and port number to […]

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